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White Money Scam on the Rise

March 11, 2015

The RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) is warning members of the public about a scam being reported in the province called the “white money” scam.

Police said the overall objective is to have the victim part with legitimate money in exchange for worthless paper.

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The perpetrators find a victim, usually one who is trying to sell something. After the perpetrators convince the victim to meet in person, the victim is shown a demonstration where actual money is placed between two pieces of white paper.

The paper is sprayed with what appears to be a chemical. Through sleight of hand, the perpetrators substitute real money for the “white money,” which is the white paper that had been sprayed.

Victims think the chemical spray caused a coating on the “white money” to come off, revealing actual currency, but this is not the case.

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The RCMP are reminding people that paper cannot be converted into actual money by spraying something on it.

Police are asking anyone who has been approached by individuals with “white money” for a large cash purchase or business deal to contact the local RCMP detachment.

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