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Veterans Charity Money Rescued From Scam Artist

Members of your free press pulled off a significant accomplishment: forcing presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump to finally part with the millions of dollars he had promised to various veterans’ charities. What we’ve learned over the past few days makes clear

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Ex-Students of Trump University Say It Was a Money-Sucking Scam

Former students of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s Trump University say that the millionaire real estate mogul’s college program was a money-sucking scam run by “a bunch of frauds.” According to the New York Daily News, ex-student Robert Guillo, 75,

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Is Donald Trump’s ‘Charity’ a Money-Making Scam?

No wonder Donald Trump calls himself an ardent philanthropist. He has likely made millions off it. RELATED: Watch Out: Newest Email Scam—Almost-Real Speeding Tickets He is not just some cheap miser who avoids digging into his pocket for charity, as The

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