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Police Arrest Sgt. for EBT Card Fraud & Grand Theft with Inmate

Police arrested 47-year old Sgt. Joyce Houston after eavesdropping on several phone calls with inmate Rita Girven, who is the biological mother of Houston’s adopted daughter. Girven, who is eligible for food stamps using an EBT card, allowed Houston to purchase

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Store Manager Sentenced for Trafficking Food Stamps

If booze and cigarettes were a part of food stamps I think we all would be in trouble. Instead the former manager of J.G. Food Mart in San Antonio is the one in trouble and sentenced up to 20 years

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Fraud Prevention: Are Credit Card Companies Getting Carried Away?

  I am wondering if we cannot see the wolf in sheep’s clothing we are allowing into our lives under the guise that “this technology is here to keep you safe” when in reality this technology is here to keep

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