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Confidential Partnership Scam

March 4, 2015

The latest inbox scam we received was proposing a private business partnership with, of all things, Unlock Your Wealth Radio! Here is the letter to a legitimate company email address in its entirety:

To: Unlock Your Wealth Radio President


I am Ms. Evelyn Lai I work with the Bank of China (Hong Kong) as an Investment Manager Also Member of the Audit Committee and Member of Strategic Development Committee bank of china.
I got your email account while searching for a business oriented personality in my private study in the internet. I am in need of your assistance just for one reason in a Business Deal were i want you to act as a beneficiary and next-of-kin to a large amount of money. please i will like you to get back to me via my private email address: for briefing.

Hope To Hear Back From You.

Ms. Evelyn Lai


Remember in one of Heather’s past interviews on a nationally syndicated radio program she discussed ways to identify frauds and scams. Notice the foreign country reference as well as improper grammar from someone who should be polished in English due to Hong Kong formerly under British rule for 156 years.

Please note the sender’s return email address request is also not the one Ms. Lai sent from.  If it is legitimate business from the Bank of China, why did she not use her work email? This is the originating email address:

I have responded to the email hoping we will receive the next installment and see how the scam unfolds.

Have you received this email before? If so, we would like to hear from you and what your version was like. Also, did you respond? What if any outcome did you receive?

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