Identity Theft

Heather Wagenhals to Appear on the Jim Bohannon Show August 6th

The Changing Landscape of Internet Privacy Heather Wagenhals, a Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist (Seen on NBC, CBS and all Major Networks,) is here to make you aware of the changing landscape of Internet Privacy and what you need

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Breaking News-Equifax Scam on the Rise

Unlock Your Wealth Update Featuring Heather Wagenhals The Equifax data breach will likely affect every other American who has established credit. If you weren’t part of the unlucky bunch that had their data distributed by hackers attempting to hold the

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Equifax Data Breach-What to Do Next

Equifax data breach scammers are in full force. Caution is the word of the day when deciding how to determine if you were compromised and what to do next. If you have ever established credit you may very well be

Read More – 735,405 breached accounts

In July 2017, the Czech Republic e-commerce site suffered a data breach after which 735k unique accounts including email addresses, names, phone numbers and passwords were later posted online. Whilst passwords were stored as hashes, a number of different algorithms

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Computer Mouse Movement Could Prevent Identity Theft

Researchers have now identified a new way scammers are taking your identity theft, unfortunately it’s by tracking your mouse movement, however this movement also catches those scam artists.  One of the biggest issues with identity theft is that if a

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One Trick To Know if Your iPad or iPhone Has a Virus

Now you can outsmart hackers with this one trick to avoid an iPad or iPhone virus. Several million users own the iPad or iPhone, which stores their personal photos, contacts of friends and family, along with your entire data base of

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Smart Appliances Eavesdropping on Your Personal Identity

Mike Galley of WRNJ welcomes Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist Heather Wagenhals to warn listeners of smart appliances eavesdropping on your personal identity in places you had no idea were possible. Tune in to this interview as Heather shocks listeners by revealing ways

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Catch Child Identity Theft Early

Identity theft is a common occurrence these days especially as the internet grows and hackers find more ways to steal identities, and that leads to an unfortunate rise in child identity theft. Since children aren’t supposed to have credit in the

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5 Methods Hackers Use Committing Cyber Fraud

Phishing and other cyber fraud typically see the most action during tax season. As this time of year approaches we offer a few tips on how to protect your personal information and avoid fraud returns:   IBM’s X-Force security research

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Surprising Ways of Stolen Identity

Stolen identity has left several individuals with fraudulent charges on their credit cards, medical statements, tax returns and so many other ways that are not well-known, until now as we reveal those surprising ways. RELATED: Hacked Printers Stealing Your Money How does it happen?

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