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Fraud Prevention Month on Unlock Your Wealth Radio

March 4, 2015

March is Fraud Prevention Month and we are taking action, warning viewers and listeners of the latest and most popular frauds and money scams targeting victims and their finances.  

Heather Wagenhals, Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist and host of Unlock Your Wealth Radio uses her expertise to elaborate on the growing fraud trends, scamming the young, the old and businesses. Frauds are occurring via telephone, email and some are knocking on doorsteps. Prevent fraud from occurring to you by using the following advice from our very own personal finance expert, Heather Wagenhals:

First, remember you can always wait. Nothing has to happen immediately when it comes to investing or spending your money and he who hesitates, may actually win in the end.

Second, do your homework, and not just on the Internet either. Call around for advice from experts, which likely doesn’t include your Uncle Al.

Third, keep your emotions in check. With what we teach on the Unlock Your Wealth Radio program, remaining calm and avoiding over-excitement for potential windfalls can be your saving grace. Once you start dumping hormones into the system our logical third brain gets cut off right when we need it most.

Most Popular Frauds to Watch Out For Include:

-Fake IRS Agents Scam Callers

-Money Scam on College Campuses

-Online Vacation Rental Scam

-Tax Scam

-Mobile Retail Fraud

-Senior Investment Scams

-High School Graduates 

-Fraud Destroying Businesses


Tune in to the Unlock Your Wealth Radio every Friday morning at 9AM PST on the Libsyn platform to learn more about the latest frauds and how to protect your money from scams. You can also find us on our syndicated networks with One Minute Updates, offering daily advice and tips on money, savings, credit, frauds, identity theft and more!

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The FTC is also offering free resources from government agencies and consumer organizations to help people make smarter buying decisions and spot rip-offs. CLICK HERE to find out more information on fraud prevention.