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AAA Warns of Scam That Could Injure or Kill You

AAA Warns of Scam That Could Injure or Kill You

September 25, 2015

AAA auto club is warning drivers that scam artists need only you and your car to pull off the perfect scam.

This auto scam can happen anywhere there is traffic on a normally busy street. You are driving and the driver in front of you suddenly stops and you rear end them.Then the other driver files a fraudulent claim for damages.

The auto club warns about the risks associated with staged collisions.  The driver could be injured or killed from the trauma associated with the crash.

Here are a few ways the scammers stage crashes:

The swoop and squat: A car swoops in front of you and stops—you rear end their car.

The scoop and squat

The drive down or wave on: The driver waves you on and when you do, they deliberately crash into your car.

The drive down or wave on

The sideswipe: It happens when turning from the inside lane of a dual turn lane.

The sideswipe

AAA warns one way to avoid being scammed is to be aware of traffic around you.

“Often times they will have cars full of other people, to use as witnesses to this thing, they will fake injuries,  they will basically sue you because you are at fault for the collision,” Mike Right with AAA Missouri.

Source: Fox4KC