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What a Utility Scam Sounds Like

What a Utility Scam Sounds Like

April 8, 2016

Scammers are always trying to get your money. Some of them even pose as utility company employees, threatening to cut off your power to try to get you to pay up.

Salt River Project (SRP) wants to warn its customers about the latest version of that scheme, because the scam artist is using some sophisticated new tactics to try to fool you.

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SRP released this audio file, showing how the scammer actually replicates a call center, using hold music and eventually a live operator.

The new tactic seems to be working, according to SRP. Company officials say the phony call has fooled both business and residential customers in just the last few days.

“We want our residential and business customers to be aware, because all of our customers are being targeted,” said Renee Castillo, senior director of SRP Customer Experience Services, in a news release. “SRP cares about its customers and does not use high-pressure tactics nor will we ask for prepaid cards. Most importantly, we will never call our customers to demand immediate payment.”

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To avoid becoming a victim, contact SRP directly if you have any questions about your account. Call the Business Contact Center at (602) 236-8833 or the Residential Contact Center at (602) 236-8888.

If you believe you’ve been contacted in a scam like this, contact the Attorney General’s Office here.

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Article published on 12 News Arizona. Photo Credit: BBB

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