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Fake Facebook ALDI Coupons

Fake Facebook ALDI Coupons

April 4, 2017

Scam artists are pretty creative, targeting social media sites like Facebook ALDI shoppers who are looking for coupons.  However, if you click this link it could put your comport or phone at risk for a virus.

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Here is what the coupon fake Facebook ALDI coupon looks like:

Aldi blur

The scam may vary from post to post, but generally it offers $100 off at ALDI grocery stores. Sometimes they claim to be offered in celebration of a company anniversary, WSYR-TV reported.

The scam uses to company’s logo to appear legitimate, and they have been widely shared on Facebook.

ALDI addressed the scam in a statement from Tully division Vice President Aaron Sumida:

“We understand the confusion that some customers have experienced with digital coupon scams affecting ALDI and other retailers. On Friday, we shared a post on our Facebook page to let our customers know that ALDI doesn’t issue electronic coupons or gift cards. These offers weren’t authorized or distributed by ALDI and will not be honored at ALDI locations. We sincerely regret any inconvenience this situation may cause our customers.”

Here’s the message ALDI shared with followers on Facebook:

This is not the first time such a scam has made the rounds. A similar coupon for ALDI targeted customers on social media in 2015

Other high profile scams have hit New York residents and companies this year. One scam involves a robocall that asks “can you hear me,” and can victimize anyone who responds “yes.” Another targets company workers by posing as an executive asking for information.

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