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11 Charged in Blue Cross ID Theft, Fraud

Eleven people have been charged with identity theft and credit card fraud after a Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan employee allegedly printed and shared screen shots of more than 5,000 subscriber profiles. Three are accused of using the stolen

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Anthem Blue Cross Cyber Attack

FTC – Last week the health insurer Anthem Blue Cross data breach affected more than 80 million customers. This week, we’re updating you on the scam artists who are sending phony “Anthem” emails that pretend to help customers, but actually phish for their

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Blue Cross Anthem Health Insurance Was Just Hacked – What Customers Need to Know

TIME – Anthem customers might be feeling a bit ill this morning. The nation’s second-largest health insurance company just announced that hackers have stolen members’ Social Security numbers, names, birthdays, medical IDs, and more sensitive personal information in a massive

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