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EduCrypt Ransomware Teaches Computer Security

Ransomware has been infamously known to be nasty pieces of malware that takes a computer’s files hostage, and then demands a ransom, which can vary in cost. Countless variants have been discovered, which differ in how they are programmed, but

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Clicking for Support Scam

The next time you get a message offering to fix a supposed problem with your computer, you might keep this in mind: “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Because there’s a good chance that call is a tech support

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Frauds Making Criminals Millionaires with Credit

From Memento– Prepaid Credit Card Fraud Makes Criminals Millionaires May 29, 2013 by Paul McCormack Total Loss: $45 Million computersecurityBy now, I’m sure you’ve seen the headlines and read the details about the multi-million dollar global cyberheist. Yet again, cybercriminals

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