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New Ransomware Installs in Boot Record, Encrypts Hard Disk

A new type of malware has been described, one that takes crypto-extortion to a new level. While most cryptographic ransomware variants are selective about what they encrypt—leaving the computer usable to make it easier for the victim to pay—this new entry

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Clicking for Support Scam

The next time you get a message offering to fix a supposed problem with your computer, you might keep this in mind: “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Because there’s a good chance that call is a tech support

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Scam du jour: The Latest Chip Card Scams

Scammers are trying to take advantage of the millions of consumers who haven’t yet received a chip card. Here’s what’s happening: Scammers are emailing people, posing as their card issuer. The scammers claim that in order to issue a new

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