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Global ATM Thieves Plead Guilty to One of the World’s Largest Bank Heists

Three New York members of a global hacking ring have pleaded guilty in connection with one of the world’s largest bank heists. According to federal prosecutors these three New York members stole $45 million through ATMs within a matter of

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Chimney Sweep Scams Approach This Holiday Season

With the holiday’s soon approaching the cold weather is right behind, bringing along chimney scam season for consumers to worry about. This time of year several consumers start looking to get  their chimney’s cleaned in preparation for the cold months

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Phone Scam Calls Nebraska Residents

Nebraska residents are warned about phone scams involving callers trying to fake outstanding debts. The Nebraska Attorney General’s Office reports more than 25 complaints of fraudulent debt collection calls have come in the last 30 days.  The Nebraska Bar Association did

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