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Fraud Prevention: Are Credit Card Companies Getting Carried Away?

September 7, 2013


I am wondering if we cannot see the wolf in sheep’s clothing we are allowing into our lives under the guise that “this technology is here to keep you safe” when in reality this technology is here to keep tabs on us. Are we? Are we that desperate to have someone else keep us safe that we are willing to trade our location data for a layer of “safety” and a perceived sense of “security?” I am just curious about this after reading an article from Inside GNSS, the Global Navigation Satellite System Community extolling the virtues of this new-found application for GPS. Here it is for your perusal and I would love to get your thoughts on this topic. Post to our Unlock Your Wealth Facebook Fan Page if you are not signed in to post from WordPress.

Location Data Increasingly Used to Stop Fraud and Cyber Crooks
August 30, 2013