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Monster Energy Drink Advertisement Scam

June 23, 2014

Victims of the Monster Energy Drink scam report they received an email that informed them how to make a few hundred dollars per week. The scam was simple and sounded pretty cool if you’re a customer of Monster Energy Drink. In the email the ‘potential victim’ was to accept the conditions to wrap their car in a Monster Energy Drink advertisement.

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Once victims accept the deal, the scammers would then tell them if they wanted this to go through they would first need to pay the graphic artist that wraps the car. Softpedia goes on to report the payment must be made via Western Union, which is often preferred by con artists because it allows them to perform untraceable transactions.

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This particular scam has been around for quite some time, but since it’s still making the rounds, it’s likely that it’s still profitable for the crooks. So be on the lookout for these too good to be true scams. Do your research and report any suspicious emails or letters requesting money before you receive your earnings.

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Source: Softpedia

Photo Credit: Deceptology