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How to Prevent Fraud with Heather Wagenhals

April 2, 2015

WENG Radio interviews Heather Wagenhals, Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist, Personal Finance Expert and Host of Unlock Your Wealth Radio, on how we can protect ourselves from fraud.

It happens easily enough. You check your email to find an unexpected notice preapproval or notice of a new card. Perhaps your phone rings and it’s someone claiming to be with a local utility, threatening to discontinue service if you don’t pay. Most of the time we delete the email or simply hang up. But what if we don’t?

There is nothing remotely ethical about fraud and there never will be. Scammers, like the chameleons of society, make a living pretending to be someone they’re not and taking what isn’t theirs. And with today’s technology, scammers have more tools than ever before to prey on the innocent or unsuspecting. When will it ever stop?

Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist and Personal Finance Expert Heather Wagenhals uses her expertise to elaborate on the growing trend fraud and how we can protect ourselves against it.

Heather is eager to discuss this by answering the following questions:                       

* Why is technology a big driver in the world of fraud?

* What is being done to try and control it?

* What can you do to protect yourself against a scam in the future?

* Why is a life of fraud becoming more common in our society?

Tune in to this interview below or on the Libsyn Platform to find out how you can protect yourself from fraud: