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Investment Email Scam Alert

April 3, 2015
A recent email is going around targeting victims through the opportunity of investing their savings in exchange for a forty-percent return. Be on the lookout if you receive the email scam below:
Good Day,
I know that as you read this email, it will come to you as surprise and a lot will go through your mind because we have not met or seen each other before but i want you to know that this email is for you as i have the feeling that we are meant to do this together. Let me introduce myself, my name is Michael Smith and I want you to assist me received huge sum of (Ten Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) for Investment purpose in your country and am willing to offer you 40% of the total sum for your great support. You might also wonder how i got your contact, I got it through the internet when i was looking for a trust worthy person i can trust to handle this project. This offer is 100% genuine and risk free. kindly indicate your interest by given me your direct Cell Phone Number and any identification of yourself send to
Michael Smith
If you received this email or have fallen victim to this scam please share with Unlock Your Wealth Radio with comments below to help others become more aware of these online scams.
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