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What Hackers Look Like When They Take Over Your Drug Pump

August 18, 2015

Hospital equipment is unfortunately wide open to hackers. These medical tools are built to save your life, however hacker’s could just as easily use these tools to kill you. It’s not just an abstract threat, according to the Kim Komando website. 

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The video below was presented at the BlackBerry Security Summit in New York. Two security professionals demonstrate how easy it is for them to hack drug infusion pumps.

If a malicious hacker were to infiltrate your drug pump, they could raise the dosage limit and give you a deadly dose of medicine.

Wired reports that another security researcher has identified the manufacturer of the pump in the video as Hospira, which makes several models of the drug pumps.


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According to Wired, an alert regarding two of those models was issued early in the year, but not about other models and no one knows if hospitals heeded the FDA’s warning about the drug pumps’ lack of security.

Watch this frightening video to see how two security pros hack a drug pump:

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Photo Credit: Popular Science