Don’t Become the Next Victim to a Tax Scam In 2016

The IRS releases the “dirty dozen” list of the worst tax scams each year and hopefully helping the American public avoid becoming victims. Some aren’t applicable to most people, such as using offshore accounts to avoid paying taxes, but many are

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Canada’s Top 10 Scams Earned crooks $1.2B in 2015, Says BBB

Canadians reported losing $61 million to scams in 2015, according to the Better Business Bureau of Canada. But that likely represents only five per cent of the $1.2 billion the BBB estimates Canada’s actually lost to scammers in 2015. RELATED: Polygamous Leaders

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E-filing Tax Fraud

An audit released this week by Internet security nonprofit the Online Trust Alliance found that 46 percent, or 6 out of 13 tax software websites in an IRS program, failed cybersecurity protocols. The websites are part of IRS Free File

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