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Don’t Fall For The ‘Pre-Employment Check,’ Scam – Police Say

Don’t Fall For The ‘Pre-Employment Check,’ Scam – Police Say

April 8, 2016

The latest scam involving checks being sent purportedly from prospective employers, was first notified by West Amwell Police in New Jersey.

In two separate incidents, victims received “pre-employment” checks for more than $3,000, police said.

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The victims were instructed to deposit the money in their personal accounts and then immediately wire the money to a specific location, but to keep several hundred dollars for themselves, police said.

Their respective banks then informed the two residents that the checks were fake and their accounts were overdrawn, police said.

“If you should receive a check of any kind in the mail either for employment or any other reason that instructs you to deposit it and send them money, contact police immediately,” police department wrote in an announcement of the scam.

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Police said on several fraud investigations “we have traced many of the destinations the money is sent is actually overseas locations that are abandonded buildings. In one case pertaining to these investigations the money went to Nigeria.”

Authorities said anyone with additional questions about the scam should call 609-397-1100.

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