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4 Common Phone Scams

4 Common Phone Scams

June 22, 2016

Phone scams are nothing new to fear, but what is new is the way scammers are getting you fooled. So don’t fall victim to the following four phone scams, which could be happening in your community:

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Sheriff’s Warrant for Your Arrest Scam

Have you received a phone call from the “Fairfax County Sheriff’s Office” saying that you have a warrant out for your arrest? Recently, scammers are claiming you have failed to appear for a court case and a warrant is outstanding. These scammers, falsely claiming to be deputies, are requesting credit card information for court costs and providing a “new” court date to the victim.

If you receive a call like this, please call the Police Department’s warrant desk at 703-246-4231, TTY 711, to verify if you or someone else may have a warrant.

IRS Scam

Callers claim they are from the IRS, a government agency or a law firm and you owe money. If you do not pay immediately, they threaten the police will show up at your door and arrest you. This is simply not true.

Family Member Critical Emergency Scam

Callers generally claim they are your teenaged/young adult-aged family member (grandson/daughter, nephew/niece). They tell you they’ve been arrested, are in jail and need money, either for bond or court fees. They will ask you to wire money to a non-existent attorney or bondsman, or possibly to a friend who will pay the alleged fines so they can be released.**The scammer could know your name, your family member’s name, nicknames commonly used between you and other accurate details about you and your family (i.e. actual college they attend, state in which the real family is located, etc.)**

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Child Abduction Scam

Police from around the region report a relatively new child abduction scam when a parent/guardian gets a phone call during a school day and they hear a child crying or a child stating they have been kidnapped. Then, a stranger gets on the phone and tells the parent their child has been abducted and demands ransom for the child’s return. The scammer tells the victim to wire the money to a specific location.

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