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Celebrities Behind Hollywood Money Scandals

Celebrities Behind Hollywood Money Scandals

September 16, 2016
Celebrity financial habits somehow fascinate the everyday folks, from how they choose to spend or save their multi-million dollar fortunes and the legal trouble they find themselves in when the behavior of their bank accounts go awry.


Take Martha Stewart‘s fall from grace as the picture perfect home and lifestyle guru turned convicted criminal because of an illegal insider trading deal.



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Then there’s Real Housewives star Teresa Giudice, who was indicted on 41 counts of fraud before serving just under a year in federal prison. Wesley Snipes‘ money problems are just as well known as the movies he’s starred on, as his failure to pay taxes on $58 million so proves. For a lesson in how to not handle your finances, check out even more celebrity money scandals in the gallery below:

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Original article published on EOnline.