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Grant Sham Uncovered by Unlock Your Wealth Radio Listener

Grant Sham Uncovered by Unlock Your Wealth Radio Listener

December 16, 2017

We all want something for nothing and it is hard-wired into our DNA to move towards pleasure and away from pain.

According to the instinctive brain, the easier the better. So when you get an offer in your inbox, snail-mail box or call on the phone, you think, “Heck ya! I deserve this” and then you add your name to the list of folks who were duped out of cash. Let’s take a look at this government grant scam submitted by one of our Unlock Your Wealth Radio show listeners.


In a nutshell:

  • If you don’t owe any taxes to the Government
  • if you haven’t had an arrest in the last 5 years
  • or you have a clean record
  • or no debt with the federal government
  • you are a legal resident

The government will give you 9,000 dollars for good standing.

The catch:

You have to first send them a 100.00 dollars to register!

Pretty clever.

The Solution:

Ignore all offers for easy money. Some legitimate grants require you to have some sort of an application fee and there is usually some sort of performance requirement like attending school, living in a residence a specified period of time, etc.

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Special thanks to Mr. T for submitting this Government Grant Scam.