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Prize Scams Played

Often times individuals will receive a phone call from an excited caller claiming you just won a nice car, a lavish trip, or a whole lot of money.  The next thing you will hear is the request for money to

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2017 Top 5 Scams

New year, but the same old scams, however in 2017 expect these types of scams to be on the rise unless you take precautions to protect your money and identity with advice from Heather Wagenhals, Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist.  Here

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Fraudsters Posing as Lotto Millionaires

Daily Record – INTERNET fraudsters are posing as Britain’s biggest EuroMillions winners in a bid to steal money from unsuspecting web users. Targets have been sent emails falsely claiming to be from £161m ($182,297,080.68) winner Colin Weir informing them they have

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