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New Scam Targets Seniors

Ed Mancini and his late wife, Joan Mancini, were working at their driving range in northern Macomb County six years ago when they saw an old friend coming. What they didn’t see coming was an investment scam that fleeced them and

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4 Ways Scammers Can Steal Your Tax Refund

“A thief who has your personal information can file a tax return before you do, collect a fraudulent refund and leave you waiting for many months to get your own refund and clear up the problem,” said Neil Chase, vice

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‘Tax Scam’ Sends Victims to Buy Credit Cards at Home Depot

At this time of year, Canadians have taxes on their minds – and that’s just what a new scam being felt in Waterloo Region is preying on. Waterloo Regional Police say they’ve received two reports of residents receiving phone calls

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