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Duke Energy Debit Card Scam Alert

  Monday Duke Energy issued the following press release to warn their customers about a scam affecting many households. It is in its entirety so you can learn how the scam works so you may protect yourself from victimization.  

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Credit Card Fraud Losses Goes Multi-Billion in 2012

Curated from the Fort Mills Times Global Credit, Debit, and Prepaid Card Fraud Losses Reach $11.27 Billion in 2012 Up 14.6% Over 2011 According to The Nilson Report CARPINTERIA, Calif. — Issuers, merchants, and acquirers of credit, debit, and prepaid

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Frauds Making Criminals Millionaires with Credit

From Memento– Prepaid Credit Card Fraud Makes Criminals Millionaires May 29, 2013 by Paul McCormack Total Loss: $45 Million computersecurityBy now, I’m sure you’ve seen the headlines and read the details about the multi-million dollar global cyberheist. Yet again, cybercriminals

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